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Team Executives


CEO/Founder- Champ Calafell

Repetition breeds habit. Habit breeds instincts. The right instincts breed greatness. And greatness, channeled in the right way, can breed a movement. Danny “Champ” Calafell has modified his reps, transformed his habits into greatness, and is leading a movement through the powerhouse label Towerline Records. Usually, students enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks have rough knuckles. Born in Miami, Champ is no exception, except that his ascension and departure from a life of crime led him to applying his hands in a more productive way: Boxing. At age 17, Champ’s career as a pugilist took off.  His reputation as a heavy-handed and fearless warrior gained him quick notoriety, and eventually the respect of Lightweight World Champion Nate “The Galaxxy Warrior” Campbell who would eventually manage Champ’s career. His talents and presence would go on to be showcased on ESPN, HBO, Telemundo and Telefutura. Along the way, Champ would build an innumerous amount of entertainment contacts, especially in the music industry, where he formed a friendship with Lost Boyz front man, Mr. Cheeks . This was definitely foreshadowing. As one door closed on Champ’s boxing career due to a chronic stomach condition, bringing darkness, another door would open bringing light in the form of pursuing a career in the music industry. Having already established himself as an innovative mind in the industry, he formed a record label and partnership with entertainment media company Circle Ten Media. Both shared a strong, passionate interest for the music and entertainment industries, not as spectators, but as active contributors. They aspired to leave a deep imprint in the game with their gifts, with Circle Ten being visually and technologically adept, and Champ having an eccentrically unique ear for music and cultivating talent. This merger of interests led to the formation of Towerline Records in December 2011 In June 2012 due to their separate visions they would go their separate ways but would remain friends.  Champ decided to further manifest into a conglomeration July 2012, along with Kin Broden, to form TrWorld Inc. an umbrella corporation housing several divisions. For Champ, all of this success is enhanced by one simple fact – this is still only the beginning. A tower is a structure, stable in its foundation, and commanding in its stature over others.

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  Executive A&R- Willie W.

Artists and Repertoire.

The title has been so layered and intrinsic to those in the music industry that the full definition of an A & R is not really known by the public. If the instrumentation is the vehicle that challenges and drives the vocals of the song, than an A & R has similar significance in challenging and driving the artist behind the vocals. In many ways Edward “Willie Whistle” DuPont embodies this essence as an executive of TowerLine Records.

Having been formerly immersed in the entertainment industry as an actor and model, Willie Whistle was already well-acquainted with the exposure and rigorous lifestyle of an artist. However, it was his relationship with a childhood best friend, and slain Miami rapper Bizzle, that ultimately inspired him to move into the music industry full-time. It was Bizzle that motivated Willie to move into promotions and sales, neither of which was a far departure for Willie given that he had experience managing the careers of several local artists.

In his new capacity as an A & R of TowerLine Records, though his relationship with Danny “Champ” Calafell of TriWorld Entertainment, Willie plans to expand and flourish in every avenue of artist development, including promotions, networking, booking, imaging, and marketing, with a particular focus on social media.

When asked what the most important ingredient was for a new artist, Willie responded with “humility.” And it’s with his humility, focus, a keen eye for talent, and numerous, powerful, relationships in the entertainment industry that Willie Whistle is certain to make an indelible impact in the world of music.

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Booking-Kin Broden- Kuro Productions

Kin Broden has always been an enthusiastic individual who seeks profitable opportunities and creates a business with the resources necessary to fulfill consumer demand.In 2008, Kin launched KU’RO Enterprises which established a marketing division called Reach Out Marketing. This company was created to organize large concerts, events, and nightclub parties in Miami, Florida and elsewhere. From the success of KU’RO Enterprises, Kin was able to launch a television show called Global Vibes highlighting musicians and events from around the globe. This business venture seamlessly led him into opening a recording studio in Miami, where he managed various producers while working with many musicians and record labels.


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